I have a template to print envelopes that has been working well for years. It is Envelope.doc. I use it to do mail merge from Outlook contacts within a given category. After editing several contact records to remove them from the subject category, I selected all that remained in the subject category and started a mail merge using Envelope.doc. Merge worked great except all contacts that fall just after (alphabetically) the ones I removed used the address of the record that was removed. The Name field showed correctly.

I tried deleting the recategorized records. I tried resorting the list. I tried a different template. I converted the template from doc to docx. I tried removing header data from the template. I moved the subject contact record to a pst file (was on Exchange). i opened the contact record several times to look for the corrupt address. Nothing I have tried seems to merge the correct address.

Considering that the bad address no longer appears in the contacts dataset. I suspect that there is a cache somewhere that i am unable to find.

Thanks for any help!

  • Could you list the detailed steps to reproduce the issue? It would be better if you could include some screenshots. – Steve Fan Dec 13 '18 at 9:37

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