Dear members of Server fault.

I am trying to to setup a windows core container (2016) to run an ASP .NET 4.6 web application, one of the prerequites is AsPNetMVC4Setup installation.

On regular windows machine this can easily installed from the user interface, however on the container this being an .exe file i am unable to use msiexec or couldnt find a /q way of installing the dependency.

I have no options to install using choco or nuget because the cluster is behind a enterprise firewall and there is no nuget setup.

Is there any way to install the exe file using cli or offline nuget installation. Please suggest.


I found a solution and below it is, the exe supports /q which would perform silent install, however there is no stdout on the container, you can start-process in powershell and then wait. I would recommend verifing the installation here

AsPNetMVC4Setup.exe /q

C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft ASP .NET\

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