Is it possible on Microsoft OneDrive 2018 to have either a shortcut or a symlink (e.g. made using mklink) to another folder within the same OneDrive sync? Specifically, is this possible:

├╴ folder1
│  └╴ subfolder1a
└╴ folder2
   └╴ subfolder1a -> ..\folder1\subfolder1a

Where folder2\subfolder1a is really just a symlink (of some sort) to folder2\..\folder1\subfolder1a?

Using a standard shortcut (.lnk) doesn't seem to work, since it binds the shortcut to my full local path (C:\Users\villapx\OneDrive\folder1\subfolder1a), and that's not sufficient since it's my organization's OneDrive, and so the other users of this folder obviously don't have my same username and folder structure.

I also tried using mklink to make a symbolic link, which works locally on my machine, but the symlink doesn't seem to be uploading to OneDrive, so I wonder if it's not supported. It's been showing as "Status: sync pending" for the past 2 hours.

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