1- I am running Fedora 29 as a host.
2- I have VirtualBox 5.2.22.
3- I have Ubuntu LTS 18.4 VM and RedHatEnterpriseLinuxServer 7.
4- All my VMs have the appropriate version of guest additions installed.
5- My shared VM folder is on a separate partition which is mounted by the host (Fedora).
6- My shared folder on the host has 777 file permissions, and is set to full access for VMs.
7- My Debian, Kali,and Windows 7 VMs can all acces the shared folder with no problems.

Problem#1: Ubuntu needs root permissions to access the shared folder.
Problem#2: RedHat can't access the shared folder at all. (It can see, but not mount it, saying something like 'insufficient privileges.)

How can I fix this?

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