I have multiple PNG images and I need to combine them all to form a new image.

Each PNG image stores an offset which describes its position in the main big image.

How can I do this with GIMP?

When I open one of these images with GIMP, it says: "The PNG image you are importing specifies an offset of 1640, 1093. Do you want to apply this offset to the layer?"

As you can see, it specifies the offset.

Each PNG image has a resolution of 270 x 180. How to combine all of them onto one big image?

If I select File -> Open from the menu, GIMP opens each image in a new window. I want all these images to be applied on the same new image, positioned according to offsets.

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    Does "File> Open as layers" respect the offsets? You can flatten, or semi-flatten, the image at the end; or you can merge the individual layers down to create the final image. HTH. – pbhj Dec 16 '18 at 23:30

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