I want to back up my Windows Server, but it fails when making shadow copy. I have seen that it only fails when I want to make a complete backup of the system (and not if I select only D or E drive).

I think that the problem is the empty 100 MB system drive that is not NTFS. Any ideas? There could be also another reason.

I use Windows backup tool; see error messages in tool and event log: screenshots

I do total system back up but I will also backup drives seperately in the future

drive partitions

Backup tool error

Event log error


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Further checks:

  1. Check disk space.
  2. Run the command vssadmin list writers in an elevated cmd and see if any writer is listed as having an error.
  3. See if Volume Shadow Copy Service and Shared Protection Point added messages to the Windows application event log (they use VSS and SPP as their event-Source-identifier).

If you can't find any error, this might be a temporary timeout. You may increase the timeout using regedit and navigating to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SPP

Create a new DWORD value named CreateTimeout and set its value. For example, 2 minutes is 1200000 (2*60*1000) in decimal, but set your own. If the registry key SPP does not exist, then this advice does not apply.

Source: Microsoft blog.

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I fixed this issue by starting backups without SQL server services.Just stop all SQL related services. Thanks for your help!

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