My new Kingston SSD is freezing a lot on Windows 10.  I have used more than app to check the SSD and all give me that the SSD is 100% healthy and everything is OK, but I check the Task Manager when the lap freezes it shows that the disk is 100% active 0 read 0 write 0 responses time

What I have tried so far:

  • Disabling the Page file for C:.
  • Running System File Checker /SFC with administrative privileges.
  • Disabling several services: Windows Search and Superfetch and prefetch
  • Checked SMART status of SSD using Kingston SSD Toolbox.
  • Updated Windows using Windows Update.
  • reinstalling Windows
  • secure erase the SSD
  • contact Kingston for help
  • checking TRIM is enabled
  • check the AHCI driver
  • updating all drivers
  • scan for virus and malware

Any new ideas?


I hit the same problem and done almost everything you described, nothing helped. Finally I've found cause and solution. It was a problem with Kingston SSD firmware. Try updating firmware with Kingston SSD Manager. Restart after update. Worked for me.

  • This has been the best improvement I've had, FYI I had to run the SSD as slave (OS in a different drive) to be able to run this. I've been stressing the drive for testing purposes and not a single freeze. – porfiriopartida Mar 27 at 6:59

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