I need to create a service for the snmp daemon snmpd.exe which is installed on my windows server 2016. I use sc create snmpd binPath= "C:/path/to/snmpd.exe" and then I try to start it with sc start snmpd but I get the following error:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

How can I create a working service for this binary please ? I'm using cygwin with my windows server if it helps.

I do not need to make it work in that exact way, any other solutions are welcome, I just need a working service with this binary.

PS: I only have an ssh access to the server

Thank you.


The proper way to install a Cygwin program as service is to use the cygserver utility.

$ cygrunsrv --help
Usage: cygrunsrv [OPTION]...

Main options: Exactly one is required.

  -I, --install <svc_name>  Installes a new service named <svc_name>.
  -R, --remove <svc_name>   Removes a service named <svc_name>.
  -S, --start <svc_name>    Starts a service named <svc_name>.
  -E, --stop <svc_name>     Stops a service named <svc_name>.
  -Q, --query <svc_name>    Queries a service named <svc_name>.
  -L, --list [server]       Lists services that have been installed
                            with cygrunsrv.
  <svc_name> can be a local service or "server/svc_name" or "server\svc_name".

Any other way will fail to proper execute the program. See for example:

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