We are seeing some very odd things happening in TFS – do we have any server shared work spaces between any of us?

Dev2 did a ‘Get Latest’ on a checked in project that I had been working on – and I immediately saw this in my tool kit: (and my project was checked out) – and files appeared in my project that I had previously deleted – and they appeared in Dev2's as well – files I(Dev1) previously deleted from my project and checked into tfs.

TFS also does not contain the files is Source Control.

My local does not contain the files – Dev2 does …. After the get latest

Dev2 also deleted the project – did a get latest checking specific version and checked these options:

Force get of file versions already in the workspace

Overwrite writable files that are not checked out

….and this happens with other project files from time to time … all I do is get latest and the proj is often checked out – and it has multiple items in an ‘add’ state when looking @ Pending changes.

Nothing was done to the proj – but a get latest – that’s it

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