I am running imagemagick (CLI tool) to splice an image into 16 equal parts.

I am using it like so :

convert inputfile.jpg -crop 4x4@ +repage +adjoin -resize 256x256 output_4x4_%03d.jpg

I'd like to keep the name of the original file, inputfile.jpg, and use that as the output instead of "output_4x4..." automatically i.e without having to change it every time, so I can run this automatically on a bunch of files, and keep their original names.

Is this possible?


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In ImageMagick 6 and 7, you need to get the name first.

name=$(convert inputfile.jpg -format "%t" info:) 
convert inputfile.jpg -crop 4x4@ +repage +adjoin -resize 256x256 ${name}_4x4_%03d.jpg

One might think you could use the -set filename option as for example:

convert inputfile.jpg -set filename:fn "%t" -crop 4x4@ +repage +adjoin -resize 256x256 "%[filename:fn]_4x4_%03d.jpg"

But this will not resolve the %03d. It will give results such as


If you remove the _%03d, you will simply get


At least that is what happens on my Mac.

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    If you set the filename with "-set filename:fn '%t'" after the crop, and write the final output files like "%[filename:fn]%02d.png", it -almost- works. An apparent bug truncates the original input name. However, if you put the number first like "%03d%[filename:fn].png", the multiple output files are named as expected. – GeeMack Dec 21 '18 at 1:45
  • Greg, that is interesting. It does indeed work if you put the %03d at the beginning. I tried "%03d_%[filename:fn].png" and that does work. But odd that it won't work at the end even if one does _%[filename:fn]_%03d.png, which produces names like _lena_%03000.png – fmw42 Dec 21 '18 at 2:02

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