I am currently building an Excel worksheet for managing inventory in a large kitchen and I would like to find the value of the inventory for the most recent day.

Inventory is taken four days a week and each row in the table has a price value. What I am trying to do is multiply the inventory for the most recent day in the row.

So if I put in 6 for MON then the value would update to 58.80.

If I add 4 in TUE then the value would change to 39.20.

enter image description here

The way I have it set now, it just adds up all the values MON through THU and doesn't give me a daily calculation.


There is a trick to finding the last non-empty cell in a range. It is documented here.

Assuming your price is in cell D1 and the four inventory numbers are in H2:K2, you can calculate the last inventory value with this formula:


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