So, I have 2 .bat files (lets call them A and B) A is the Main Programm and B is running in the Background. But now i want to Close B via typing in A "Close B" I want it to work without additional files. I tried using "call" but it didnt work.

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Start B with certain title, like this:

start "_operationB_" /MIN cmd /c call cmdB.bat

And in A you can locate B by its title and close it:

taskkill /FI "WINDOWTITLE eq _operationB_"
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    You could also use the title command from B to make it more distinguished, and you can set the title at any point within the batch file, so you could, for example, use A to close B only if it's at a certain point where it might stall (title This_might_stall).
    – shawn
    Dec 25, 2018 at 20:22

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