Well looks Windows live always look at all disk because even from the install dvd I am landing on this screen Not only text does not appear but this menu is disabled for an unknow reason. Which prevent me starting chkdsk.
When I try to boot the real Windows 10, it freezes at the login screen so I can t do anything from there (F8 being disabled I cannot start in failsafe).

On linux, the drive is so corrupt that ntfs-3g fails to mount it read only (but the kernel driver works).

Because this is a hardware raid array which is enabled only when legacy boot is disabled (leaving only UEFI), I can t just take the drive into an other computer.

How to start cmd.exe in this situation given I can t even reinstall because of that screenshot?



Manually edit the BCD store on the FAT32 uefi partition in order to enable failsafe mode (only command line works and Windows takes more than 100 minutes in a half frozen state to log in).

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