I'm considering migrating from Chrome to Chromium due to the licencing and graphics acceleration support.

To avoid setup and save disk space, I am thinking of symlinking:

  • ~/.config/google-chrome to ~/.config/chromium
  • ~/.cache/google-chrome to ~/.cache/chromium

Assuming I only want to run one instance of a web browser at a time, I'm guessing that the locking of ~/.config/{browser}/SingletonLock should work fine.

I've searched around and not seen this approach before. I believe that both browsers share a huge percentage of code base, so I don't see why this wouldn't work.

Apart from "backup, try it and see", would there be any gotchas to look out for or reasons not to do this?


I tried sharing the profiles via symlink and got this message:


Versioning is one blocker for sharing one profile between the two browsers.

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