I have locked with password bios on my hp probook 4530s and i forgot it. I've done some googling and I know that the one and the easiest way to reset password or remove it, is to contact the hp support. And the other one is with hard reset or chip reset. I've done this before on desktop PC, but never on laptop.

So I found this link Remove BIOS password for HP ProBook 4530s ( Reset BIOS ) and there are many people that suggest this as successful way.

But, I tried it and i can say that I stuck somewhere :( So, I successfully done the short circuit proper pins (4 and 5) and then process for resetting the chip has started.

I came to step where after reboot, RED message appeared :

"manufacture programing mode is 01 of 10 "

than I found this link https://support.hp.com/ca-en/document/c02912206 , I've done the steps as they are described, but I guess I missed something.

So, now laptop is boot in the operation system, but nothing from the peripheral devices are recognized like usb, wifi, ethernet and etc. , only HDD and CDROM. It look like I reset it to some fabric mode and erased some of the data. And unfortunately password is still there :( and I canot done anything now.

Can someone share some comments or suggestions?

thank you in advance,

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    Follow your first idea: "to contact the hp support" – Romeo Ninov Dec 26 '18 at 15:16

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