as I am understanding we can set on Linux configuration BONDING or network teaming

both approach support LAN fail over

for example

if on the server we have the following up link


in BOND when eth1 is fail the eth2 will take action

the same is on network teaming

so what should be the decision between - network teaming VS bonding configuration

  • Bonding/Teaming can do much more for you, than just failover: You can do link aggregation, path separation and more. If you just need failover, then use bonding: It is in the mainline kernel, well maintained and vendor neutral. – Eugen Rieck Dec 26 '18 at 17:11

Well, basically distribution like RedHat in its version 7 highly recommends to use Teaming over Bonding. Teaming have been redesigned with flexibility in mind, more features, and work great with network manager. I think it's better explained in the following link:


Note: RedHat (RHEL7) still support Bonding for backward compatibility but it's expected to be replaced by Teaming in later releases.

Hope this helps.

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