I have two columns of numbers.
I need to write a formula to multiply the two columns together, and then add all of the products together.

enter image description here

In this case: (16*1) + (6*0) + (4*0) + (4*0) + (4*0) + (2*0) = 16

Normally I would just make a third column to hold the products, and then sum those.
But this table is huge, and I would have to add way too many columns for that approach to be practical.


You can do that directly with SUMPRODUCT, which does exactly the calculation in the question:


SUMPRODUCT can also be used with two-dimensional arrays, and more than two columns to be multiplied and then added. See Microsoft Office Support


use an array function.


and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to finish your formula. It will end up looking like this:




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