I downloaded MinGW/cygwin/mingw-w64 not one of them work. I can't find the issue, every time CMake - Bundled "!Does not work in this environment". I watched youtube for clion-setup more than one. I followed them step by step, same error ?? the issue is whatever Environment I chose non one of them work CMake give me error (CMake - Bundled "!Does not work in this environment) . what I know 90% it must detect auto. I delete mingw/w64/cygwin & reinstall them(Each one alone), I did path in system variables, I missed something, I don't know what. And thank you all for your help I appreciate that.

CMake Issue

I'm using windows 10 pro.

  • Add the image not a link to your question. Why do you expect the cmake bundled in clion should work with cygwin or mingw and do you not use the one available in those platform ? – matzeri Dec 27 '18 at 20:40
  • 1
    What are the errors of cmake ? – matzeri Dec 27 '18 at 21:14

For Cygwin, the configuration works fine with autodetection without any issue.
It also accept the Cygwin cmake if chosen (version 3.13.1) instead of the bundled.

clion setup


I find the solution because the Cygwin / MinGW / MInGW-W64 thay all in the Path . I delete them all except one restart the laptop & it's work fine :). P.S. I kept the MinGW-W64 .

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