I am currently examining a survey I ran for my group project in university and I would like to analyze it by using Power BI.

I was trying to create a slicer for every answer given from the survey. By clicking on this filter the amount of Answers should reduce/be filtered.

However, I have two problems right now:

1. How can I make a question with all the possible answers to be filtered?

Question 10: What color(s) does your bike have? Blue Green Red White Black

Answers: Person 1: Blue Person 2: Red Person 3: Black AND White

As of now: I have five slicer for question 10, which look like this: 10.1: The bike is = Blue --> Slicer: yes / no ... and so on.

2. How can a filter be applied and the amount of possible answers reduced by the answers picked?

I already tried to search for a solution but could not find anything. So if there is anything already up, I´d appreciate any link.

I really appreciate any advice or help in this matter.

Best Regards

Here is an idea of how my data table is looking like: Data Table of survey results

  • Your picture of your data table doesn't resemble your description of "... five slicer for question 10..." ? – Mike Honey Jan 15 '19 at 6:23

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