This issue has stopped me from watching Netflix and certain other content for a long time now. When playing a Netflix video both in the Win10 app and in the browser through Chrome (or VUDU, HULU) on my monitor via HDMI the screen will frequently making 'popping' sounds and flashes white every couple seconds and then goes straight to solid static sound for a couple seconds before turning black. Unplugging the HDMI cord and back in stops it for a while but it happens too frequent (and infrequent) that it's a major annoyance.

I tried to pinpoint it to my laptop being the issue or the HDMI/graphics card potentially. The monitor is a 1440p ASUS PB258Q. The laptop has VGA and HDMI ports, none others. When using the HDMI the screen uses the full 1440p and has the issue. When using the VGA there is a drop in quality (1080p) but I haven't noticed the issue happen. I tried using another older laptop which only has VGA and it didn't have the issue either.

The laptop with this issue is approximately 5 years old now and has an NVIDIA GT750M graphics card.

Is it the graphics card, the HDMI port, not the monitor? Surprisingly, when playing content with Plex, there are none of these issues that appear with those other content providers --- is it something with their players or codecs that are related? A fixable issue or wait and invest into a newer machine?

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