I’ve been digging into google but I can’t find a proper link to guide me. I want to create a wireless hotspot from my hp laptop to connect three devices to it. I have no access to internet. I need the modem to be like a router so any other devices can see it when they scan for WiFi hotspots. It would be like a house group but without internet. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance

  • What are you asking for? I see that you want to host a wireless network, but you are not being clear. You say that you want to host a hotspot from your laptop, but then want wireless routing from a modem. A hotspot is a piece of software that broadcasts your internet connection through your wireless card. A hotspot is also referred to as a wireless access point (with a network bridge). A modem is a piece of hardware that receives an internet connection from a coaxial cable and forwards it to either router or some other device connected over a rj45 cable. – DaMaxContent Dec 30 '18 at 21:04
  • There is an app called Zapya for mobile devices which makes a wireless access point without internet connection. This app somehow works without the bluetooth mode on and without internet and people can share documents and else. They can even create a little network through this app to even play games. So I thought I could do the same with my notebook to create a network as Zapya does – madcoderz Dec 30 '18 at 21:34

What you want seems to be a peer-to-peer, or Hosted Network. It has been built into Windows since XP, but access changed in Windows 8 and 10. Using Windows 10 built-in capability:

  • Enable WiFi and turn off Airplane mode from the control panel.
  • Press Windows and type cmd. Then press CtrlShiftEnter and click Yes to confirm UAC for the Administrator CMD prompt.
  • Type (or copy/paste) to enter netsh wlan show drivers, listing network drivers. You should see Hosted network supported : Yes... if not, drivers need to be installed or updated.
  • Enter netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=mynetname key=mypwd, replacing mynetname with your chosen ad hoc network name, and mypwd with your chosen password (8 to 63 characters long).
  • Enter netsh wlan start hostednetworkto start communication.

There is also a GUI to set up ad hoc networks, which I find takes a bit longer.

Windows 10 hosted networks employ WPA2 security (thanks to @grawity for correction).

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