I have one set of bookmarks on my account on a computer at work, and sync everything is turned on. However on my home desktop I am logged on to the same google chrome account, but have a completely new set of bookmarks and extensions, and sync everything is also ON. All the settings are set to SYNC, so I dont know how I achieved this, but that's how I want it. However all my recent bookmarks and extensions on my home desktop have now started DISAPPEARING when I close chrome! It's maddening. I made a backup of the bookmarks but I have to reimport them and redownload my ententions every time I open and close chrome. The two older bookmarks are still there, those dont disappear, just the recently added extensions and bookmarks. That's my main problem but I also have a real problem understanding the whole sync setup, I am very confused by the settings.

Now to further complicate matters a bit, I got a new laptop today and want the same extensions/apps and bookmarks on there as my home desktop, but when I log in to my chrome account there it syncs with my WORK computer bookmarks and extentions! So what I did was I turned sync OFF on the laptop and imported my home bookmarks and extentions by importing the HTML backup file which I emailed to myself.

Can someone please help me make sense of this mess? It would be much appreciated.

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