Here is my setup

network topology

Router 1: subnet:

Router 2: IP leased from Router 1: Own IP is subnet:

Computer A: plugged into Router 1 with IP

Computer B: plugged into Router 2 with IP

I have a static route added to Router 1:, subnet to gateway

I also put in Router 2's DMZ

I can't ping from Computer A to Computer B, nor SMB to it.

Any ideas?

Router 2 is always configured to connect via OpenVPN as external Computer B traffic should always go through OpenVPN.

  • Bridge them, set the default gateways to the nics you want to use each wan connection. Don't Cascade or you will be double nated – Tim_Stewart Jan 2 at 13:22
  • "Multiple WANs with two Asus Routers" -- WAN means Wide Area Network. Your title makes no sense. Wrong acronym? Did you mean WLAN? – sawdust Jan 2 at 22:36

You need to setup a route back from router 2 to router 1. The ping packets can most likely get to computer B, but computer B’s response can’t return to computer A.

  • How do I specify the reverse route? All traffic to parent IPs, with mask need to go to which gateway? How do I reference the parent gateway? – NetworkN00b Jan 3 at 9:14
  • I added a static route for, to — still can't get through – NetworkN00b Jan 3 at 9:26

Turning off NAT on router 2 Turning off firewall on router 2 Removing Computer B from DMZ, I could ping Computer B from Computer A. However, SMB doesn't work. Any ideas?

  • Can you just not ping it or are you not connecting to it. Have you tried using \\IPADDRESS\DriveName where the ip is what you have set in the location of you SMB? – NetworkKingPin Jan 4 at 7:16
  • SNBprobably doesn't work because if different IPs. Try browsing using \\ip.ad.dr.ess\sharename – davidgo Jan 4 at 7:16
  • Tried both ... can't connect it seems. I can ping the computer, but there's quite a bit of delay and some loss ... has me wondering if a configuration is off. – NetworkN00b Jan 5 at 7:57

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