I can’t enable Windows features through the Control Panel, features on demand, downloading them online, or through the Command Line or PowerShell. It fails with error code 0x80070002. I think it can’t find the files and I tried running a command to restore system files but after searching multiple sites I can’t fix it. I can provide any more information you need, I just need help activating these features. I have another computer which works fine so if I need to copy files over I can do that if you can tell me which ones. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for the feedback . I will clarify some things. First, my Windows information is: Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1803, OS build 17134.472. Next, I tried to turn both .NET 3.5 and Subsystem for Linux on through Windows Features and it still failed with error code 0x80070002. As for the command I ran, it was sfc /scannow

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    What build of Windows 10 are you using? Edit your question to include this vital information. I tried running a command - Which command? – Ramhound Jan 4 '19 at 17:53
  • What command did you use to attempt to install either of these Windows Feature? Edit your question. – Ramhound Jan 5 '19 at 16:55

Its because those are not in the Control Panel. they're in Windows Features and the install has changed for WSL a bit.

Just hit the Windows key and type Windows Features to get to them.

Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10


  • I did go to the Windows Features through the Control Panel and by searching for it, my problem is when I try to enable any features, it gives me an error. I have tried to enable the same things on a different computer without any problems, so the issue is with this specific computer, not what I'm doing. – potatohotdog Jan 5 '19 at 17:24
  • OK, so, really an environmental issue. Can you reset the machine back to a previous date, or reset the machine holistically? – postanote Jan 5 '19 at 20:41
  • I can't reset the machine back, but how would I "reset the machine holistically"? – potatohotdog Jan 13 '19 at 22:30

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