I recently bought an Asus FX504 laptop which I wanted to upgrade the HDD + Intel Optane with my SSD.

After removing both the hardware above and installing my SSD, I am entering the BIOS each time I turn on the laptop.

The SSD has an OS already from a previous laptop, and I also have a bootable USB pen with Windows 10 files so I can reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.

I have read people having the same struggle but I don't seem to find a solution.

Things I have tried/to be considered:

  • Disabled Secure Boot and Fast Boot however I am still unable to either boot from my HD or USB pen. (Unable to locate an option for CSM in "Boot" menu which I read should be enabled.)

  • The Boot menu is empty so I am seemingly unable to change the boot order.

  • Removed CMOS battery for a minute.

  • USB pen is fine as its being detected and bootable by another laptop.

  • Both SSD and USB is being detected in the BIOS main screen.

This is driving me mad! Any help is much appreciated. (Pictures to follow I hope

Goal: Boot from USB drive to re-install Windows.

Setup: Laptop: Asus FX504GD-E4673T BIOS: American Megatrends 312 EXISTING Hard Drive: HHD + Intel Optane NEW Hard Drive: Samsung 850 EVO

BIOS images: https://imgur.com/a/GuO7niq


Press and hold ESC key while the unit starts to access boot menu.

from Tom's Hardware Guide

  • Hi Brian, thanks for your suggestion. This is empty when pressing Esc and I can only enter the main BIOS page (imgur.com/NYXi6vQ) – user981105 Jan 4 at 22:26
  • @user981105 on the bios screen your USBs are "Port N/A" try to enable these on the main or advanced page and make sure they are plugged into mobo correctly. – Brian Jan 4 at 22:37
  • I'm sorry but during the BIOS picture the USB was not plugged in. imgur.com/Btj1cBU shows the USB is being detected. Thanks. – user981105 Jan 4 at 23:01
  • @user981105 <F7> for advanced mode and look for CSM? – Brian Jan 4 at 23:13

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