I am working on an sftp using cygwin in windows 2012 R2

In /etc/fstab added below two config. The cygdrive is getting hide. But i am able to see dev folder.

/dev /null none bind
none / cygdrive user 0 0

Is it possible to hide that? What i am missing in order to achieve that.

  • What FTP server are you using ? – matzeri Jan 5 at 14:58
  • I am using SFTP using sshd. Subsystem system i am using it is internal-sftp. Because i dont want anyone to ssh. – Vipin Jan 5 at 15:00
  • Have you tried to chroot the user howtoforge.com/… instead of trying hiding directories ? – matzeri Jan 6 at 15:28
  • I am doing chroot. So when we do that apart from sftp folder you will also have dev folder. I dont want this folder in my sftp location. Because in dev folder you will only have device file . And when someone loging to sftp. There is no mean of showing it. Please let me know ,you got this issue anytime. – Vipin Jan 7 at 16:24
  • See man.openbsd.org/sshd_config at ChrootDirectory a dev directory is required. – matzeri Jan 8 at 2:55

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