My USB seems to be corrupted, and I am looking to format the entire thing. I have no desire to recover any data on it, and all I want to do is use it as a USB again. On Windows, the USB mounts, crashes file explorer, and ejects itself. On Mac, it never mounts, and pops into disk utility then suddenly disappears. I can't run any recovery processes on it on either OS. What are my options?

  • I wonder if the hardware has failed. If not, repartitioning and format it as you would s hard drive. – davidgo Jan 6 at 9:06
  • If you even managed to format it, would you trust it again? No; throw it away. – Tetsujin Jan 6 at 10:27
  • I think it's a hardware failure, but I can't remove the bad sectors either. How can I do that? – Kento Nishi Jan 6 at 17:58

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