Column A: 1000 unique names

Column B: A number corresponding with each name in A

Column C: Same 1000 names as A (different order than A, since values in D have changed)

Column D: A number for each name from C (numbers have changed from B)

At the moment, A/B and C/D are sorted from largest to smallest.

I want to create column E with the same 1000 names, but sorted by the difference between the values corresponding with each name from columns B and D. That Difference will be in column F.

Some values have changed a lot, so a name at the top of the column A may be way down the list in column C.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Thank you


column E:

(copy of column A)

column F:


Then sort E:F on F.

Extra notes by fixer1234

  • For some reason after i sort on F, it then immediately unsorts after a split second – charu Jan 8 at 2:59
  • back to the same order as column A – charu Jan 8 at 3:05
  • @charu, it sounds like you missed the step about copy/paste-special values. Col F should contain nothing but numbers, so there's no basis for the sort to change to anything else. If they still contain formulas, the formulas will update. – fixer1234 Jan 8 at 7:21
  • @charu, if you want to sort it, you'll have to highlight both column E&F, and paste as values in G&H, then sort H. If no point in directly sorting column F since the content is formulas (the same for all column F cell).. not values (that we normally sort with..). – p._phidot_ Jan 8 at 7:48
  • 3
    @charu, If it's resorting, it sounds like col E is still showing =A1. No matter how you sort E and F, E will still point to the same order as A. Instead of =A1, just copy and paste the col A values in col E to get the list there. Then in col F use =vlookup(E1,A:B,2,false)-vlookup(E1,C:D,2,false). Then sort E:F on F. If the values in B or D change, you will need to resort E:F because sorts don't automatically update. Otherwise, you will need VBA to automatically resort. – fixer1234 Jan 8 at 20:54

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