I have a workbook that contains stock market data. The version of Excel that I use has data types specifically for this, which I'm using. But now, every time I open the workbook, it brings up a banner disclaimer saying "Financial market information is provided 'as-is' and is not for trading purposes or advice".

Is there a way that I can permanently disable that banner alert so it doesn't keep showing up every time I open the workbook?

  • tried to disable/remove all Excel-plug-ins.. ? Seems like a third-party software (Bloomberg-like) disclaimer to me. – p._phidot_ Jan 8 at 7:06
  • No plugins being used to my knowledge, I think it's just from Excel's built-in stock data type now. If I open a different workbook that doesn't use them, I don't get the disclaimer. – David D. Jan 9 at 0:46
  • If it is a "Excel's built-in stock data type.." then just replacing the data type with a normal integer / number shall remove it. – p._phidot_ Jan 9 at 8:30
  • Yeah, I understand that, but I was hoping to be able to keep the stock data type in the workbook without the banner always coming up, but it doesn't seem like I can. Oh well, it's only a minor annoyance. Thanks for your help, @p._phidot_! – David D. Jan 10 at 23:38
  • Sorry, couldn't help. Just sharing what I'll do if I face the same thing.. good luck.. ( : – p._phidot_ Jan 11 at 2:21

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