I recently started working with a small team on a new project. The necessary documents and assets are stored in Google Drive and are synced on individual computers using Google Backup and Sync app. I am using the macOS client, running on macOS Mojave.

Since the files are share between the entire team and edited collaboratively, there are frequent changes to the file content and directory structure. It is crucial for me (along with other team members) to be in sync with the changes happening.

It is inconvenient to message the changes back-and-forth, or on Slack channels and Skype/WhatsApp group.

I remember having a similar workflow a while back using Dropbox. Both Dropbox Web and desktop clients have easy mechanism to remain in sync. While the Web client gave access to the change-log, desktop client has option to configure notifications for every change.

Is there a similar mechanism to view and to remain in sync with the changes happening in Google Drive. While both Web and Desktop will work, but it would be best to have desktop notifications for changes (if available) or any better solution if one exists.

Using an alternate tool is not an option here as we'll have to stick with the tool for the time being.

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