Hi I would like to know how to run a VBA or macro (or any other simpler way) to shift the values only of any current selection (varying from one cell in one row to multiple cells and selections across rows, columns) in excel to the right one column or left one column.

In short, I am preparing a forecast sheet for an architecture practice. It works in the same way as Microsoft project with rows of timelines shown over a number of monthly columns. when a project timeline shifts I need to be able to select a row of data, single or multiple cells and move the selected data only over by one column. It would be great to remove the data from the previous cell location also (cut and paste data only in essence)

  1. I can't use copy and paste as it duplicated the data
  2. select and drag on the edge of bounding box with the four star cursor takes the formulas, connections and formatting

See photo attached - imagine the two 50% allocations in Apr-19 and May-19 need to push out to begin in July. Simply, I want to select those cells and shift the data only - as if using the right arrow key (or left arrow key) to move the data only like tetris.

Look forwarding to hear your suggestions

Regards screenshot of resource table layout

  • Have you tried inserting or deleting cells and shifting lright or left? (.Insert Shift:=xlToRight and .Delete Shift:=xlToLeft in VBA)? – cybernetic.nomad Jan 9 at 18:35
  • Thanks, I'm new to vba and macros I will try and use your suggestion – AustinH Jan 10 at 22:32

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