I have a bit of a weird one that I hope one of you have come across. In Resmon, my C, D, E, and F drives all show up as follows:


In Perfom and Disk Manager it shows up correctly. The drives are all TinTri drives, and the server in question is a HyperV guest. This VM runs SQL Server 2016 SP1 Developer Edition.

It doesn't seem that anything is affected negatively, it is just strange. The resources I was able to find on Google (links below) doesn't give any real answers.

Here is a screenshot:

Resmon Showing the strange drive letters

Here are the links to this specific issue I was able to find:



It seems that this issue is not limited to SQL Server and can pretty much happen to any system (a guy in the link below referred to adding a hard drive in his laptop then it happened)

Like I said, it doesnt seem to impact anything negatively, its just strange and it will be great to know why this is happening.

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