I am developing an iOS app on iPhone 6s. I am want the app to read some sensor data from a microcontroller connected to my local network. The network has a router too for wifi. Is it possible to read this data without using the internet access(APNs, notification etc) ?? Someone suggested to try to connect my app to a specific IP of the microcontroller to read the data. I am not sure if it is possible and if so how it could be done and what do i need to add to my app code. Moreover, the IP could change from time to time which does not provide a permanent solution. Any light on this problem would be highly appreciated. Thank you

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  • Can your microcontroller support IETF ZeroConf (mDNS, [m]DNS-SD)? That's Apple's solution to this kind of problem. Bonjour is Apple's name for IETF ZeroConf. – Spiff Jan 9 at 18:46
  • Thank you for your response @Spiff .No,the microcontroller does not have such a support. Also, it is in a protected mode, wherein i wont be able to do anything to the microcontroller. I can only tap the data from the network. – bislinux Jan 10 at 14:06
  • So your microcontroller doesn't support ZeroConf, but does it support any service discovery protocol? If not, your only option is to put it on a static IP address (either manually set on the device, or create a permanent reservation for that device in the DHCP server on your LAN), and connect to it by its IP address. Instructions for how to connect to a specific IP address depends on what networking API you're using ([NS]URLSession? Network.framework? Good ol' BSD Sockets APIs?) and what protocol you need to use to read the sensor data from that microcontroller device. – Spiff Jan 10 at 23:27