wonder if somebody could help,

cell B2 has a vlookup formula in it, I want to be able to type "Y" in C2 and the information displayed in B2 to be either colour blocked out or erased, keeping the formula in B2. when I remove the "Y" I would like the original information to be displayed in B2 again , is this possible ? failing this a check box in C2 maybe?


Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but you can just nest the VLOOKUP inside an IF

=IF(C2="Y", "", VLOOKUP(3, A1:A5, 1))

If true, show empty string, otherwise result from VLookup.

  • yes this has worked fine thankyou – adam. Jan 10 at 8:44
  • Glad to hear it. And welcome to Super User. If this answer or any other one solved your issue, please mark it as accepted. – BlueGI Jan 10 at 14:40
  • hi just have a slight amendment to the above , – adam. Jan 10 at 15:54
  • rather than vlookup in cell B2 I have now decided to use a data validation drop down list , when "Y" is type into C2 I need B2 to clear then when the "Y" is removed I need the original information of the data validation to be displayed . any ideas how this could be done ? – adam. Jan 10 at 15:58
  • Then I would use one of the other conditional formatting suggestions here to change the font color to hide it. Or better, create a new question with exactly what you want since it looks like it's gone beyond your original request. – BlueGI Jan 10 at 17:09

You could use a formula inside conditional formatting that will allow you to change the background colour or grey out text depending on whether C2 has a "Y" in it.

e.g Locatate Conditional formatting tab = choose more rules = choose "use a formula to determine which cells to format" = inside formula section put "=$C$2="Y"", then choose the formatting options.

  • thankyou for your help – adam. Jan 10 at 8:44

If create a helper column in column A you can use conditional formatting. 1) Select the column which contains your data. 2) Click on the conditional formatting button and select "new rule". 3) Select to use a formula to format the cells and enter =$A1="Y" in the formula bar. 4) Click on the format button and select to fill your cells black. This should block out the values if there is a Y in column A.

  • thankyou for your help – adam. Jan 10 at 8:44

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