I have a complex workbook with many spreadsheets. One of these spreadsheets is called Raw Data. Many of the formulas on the Raw Data spreadsheet reference cells in a hidden spreadsheet called "2018 sheet". I have created a new spreadsheet called "2019 sheet", which is slightly different from "2018 sheet", and changed my formulas in "Raw Data" to now only reference "2019 sheet".

If I were to delete "2018 sheet", then Raw Data would work fine, but I would get errors on any formula throughout the rest of the workbook that references "2018 sheet". What I would like to do is make those formulas error without deleting "2018 Sheet". Something along the lines of 'if a formula references "2018 Sheet", have that cell produce an error'. Essentially I'm trying to disable "2018 Sheet" without deleting it.

Is this possible without VBA? Is it possible with VBA? (This is more a capability question - no need to post code)

  • Could you just rename "2018 Sheet" to something else while you examine your formulas, then change it back prior to saving the file? This would only work if you are actually referring to the sheet name, wouldn't work if you're using structured table references. – jrichall Jan 10 at 19:30

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