I am currently working on a script to process assets for a game. I am breaking down old assets and reorganizing them for a new format. The original images have transparent backgrounds already. When I append images back together there is a white background applied to part of the image.

Most sources say to just use -background "#FFFFFF" to turn anything white transparent. But some of my assets use white and if I use this then the asset is destroyed.

This is the First image I am merging with this Second image and here is the output of script

here is part of my script. I would like to just say -background none but that does not work. How can I create an image without adding a background?

convert output3.png output4.png -append output6.png
convert output6.png output5.png -append output7.png
convert output7.png space.png -append -background none output8.png
  • Hi Andrew, I don't experience what you say. Please notice that the parameter is none, you typed nune. I downloaded your first and second pics and got a good output using convert first.png second.png -append -background none output.png – Jorge Valentini Jan 9 at 19:36
  • Damnit. Haha. Well fixed that typo but now I am getting the same problem but it has a black background instead of white... – Andrew Pullins Jan 9 at 22:55

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