I've been using Shadowsocks 4.1.2 for a while on my Windows 7. It was set to run on startup. Recently I've turned it off and for some reason I can't seem to use any of my desktop applications to access the internet. Turning it back on again does not fix the issue. Only work-around I currently have is changing the settings to PAC from global, which fixes connection issues. Some apps which I cannot use are as follows;

Spotify, Twitch, TukUI, TSM Client, Battle.Net client works but can't access the internet, can launch games, Steam.

I can however run World of Warcraft, and also use Firefox.

I tried resetting netsh winsock to no avail. I use DNS servers from OpenNIC but resetting/removing them does nothing. Any suggestions?

Thank you all.


The latest windows update(KB4480970/KB4480960) has been known to cause some networking issues. If you've installed this update, try uninstalling it.

Failing that, there are some fixes you can attempt here and here.

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