I am trying to apply a distraction-free approach to Chrome extensions (not definitive, but just for certain focus slots).

I could use an extension such as blocksite.co but it works only valid URLS (i.e. URLs which match the pattern http[s]://)

However, this doesn't work with extension's settings page (e.g. Onetab - which shows the list of saved tabs from within chrome-extension://extension_id/onetab.html ).

I have tried to set a stealth redirect in the Windows 10 hosts file:

chrome-extension://extension_id/onetab.html onetab.local

However when I try to go such URL, I get this error instead:

This site can’t be reached onetable.local’s server IP address could not be found.

Is there a way to map a regular URL to a Chrome's internal url? I don't mind this being at system level, even another Chrome extension will do.

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