I ran Ubuntu 18.10's Recovery Mode and fsck failed saying dev/sda7 is mounted. I tried unmounting it only to be told that "it is busy". I'd appreciate any hints on solving this.

The partition dev/sda7 is actually the partition where Ubuntu is installed. EDIT: If it has any relevance, I'm using an SSD.

  • Boot from an USB drive and then do the check. – davidgo Jan 10 at 0:43
  • I already tried that using Ubuntu Live USB (my bad, I didn't mention it), but I couldn't run fsck because it said that the drive is 'in use'. I also tried unmounting the drive's partitions, but it still reported the same error. I wonder if there's actually a recovery mode for the Ubuntu Live USB. – PhantomR Jan 10 at 0:55
  • Try an alternative rescue disk designed for recovery. – davidgo Jan 10 at 1:00
  • Could you please suggest me one such disk? – PhantomR Jan 10 at 1:21
  • First one that springs to mind is trinityhome.org (for TRK), followed by SystemRescue at system-rescue-cd.org but look at fossmint.com/linux-rescue-recovery-tools – davidgo Jan 10 at 3:04

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