We have several build definitions in which the test results will not show up for us, but not sure what we are doing wrong. This is TFS 2017.

Screen shot of "Tests" tab

“No test runs are available. Enable automated tests in your build definition by adding the Visual Studio Test task.”

However, we have already added a Visual Studio Test task to our Build process:

Screen shot of our Visual Studio Test Task

The build logs seem to show that the test were run and published:

2019-01-09T18:40:21.1040861Z Results File: E:\enterprise_builds\15\s\TestResults\svc-qainternal_ENT-BLD-02_2019-01-09_11_39_56.trx


2019-01-09T18:40:21.1197609Z Total tests: 92. Passed: 92. Failed: 0. Skipped: 0.

2019-01-09T18:40:21.1197609Z Test Run Successful. 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.1197609Z Test execution time: 40.1022 Seconds 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.4165882Z ##[section]Async Command Start: Publish test results 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.4634622Z Publishing test results to test run '40802' 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.4634622Z Test results remaining: 92. Test run id: 40802 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.6509677Z Published Test Run : https://tfs.1800contacts.com/tfs/DefaultCollection/Enterprise%20Services/_TestManagement/Runs#runId=40802&_a=runCharts 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.6509677Z ##[section]Async Command End: Publish test results 

2019-01-09T18:40:21.6509677Z ##[section]Finishing: Run XUnit Tests

We have some build projects that do display the Test results, but we aren’t able to see a difference between the ones that work and the ones that do not work.

I can attach the full build log if that might help?

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