I have problem connecting to my home network wirelessly, and so far I have tried almost everything. When connected, i get yellow sign on wi-fi icon, and


message in browser. I am using two laptops on same network and one works fine, but the second one is is causing problems. Here are some informations about my machine and things that i had tried so far:

  • Laptop - dell inspiron N5100
  • Windows 10 Pro (Version 1803) OS


  • Online search

  • Flushing DNS

  • Reseting router
  • Winsock reset
  • Tcp IP settings reset
  • Re-installing drivers
  • Searching for official dell wirless drivers, but can't find it for windows 10, i've tried windows 7 but no luck.
  • Disabling ethernet
  • Disabling/ Enabling wireless connection
  • Using google's DNS
  • Changing IP to static.
  • Windows full reset

I doubt it is a hardware problem, because i have been connected to home network and it all worked fine but suddenly this happened. Note that i have no problem connecting to any other network, but for some reason can't connect to the one at home, I've also looked at wireless statistics for my router and I see that package receiving is very low. Here some additional info from Ip configurationenter image description here

I am using tp link wr740n router. Any suggestion or link to a solution is wary helpful, thank you for your time.


I think your WiFi connection is unstable, but there isn't enough information in your question to prove that theory. When you get an 'error: network changed', it is a sign that Windows has registered that the network interface has gone up or down (possibly briefly). Here are a couple things you can try:

  • What is the signal strength reported in windows? Do conditions improve when you move closer to your router?
  • Does your issue coincide with interference (i.e. use of microwave oven)?
  • Are you using wireless repeaters? I find these to be incredibly unreliable.
  • If you ping your router indefinitely (e.g. ping -t), do you see a lot of packet loss? Are the packet counts on your router and computer in close agreement? Does your router list/count packet errors, and is this number at least an order of magnitude lower than the successful packet count?

Problem was with my wireless configuration in router, my channel was set to "auto", therefore router was assigning wireless channel automatically and thus causing the interference with another near by access point, i was able to solve it by changing the option. See how to change wifi channel

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