How do I copy files (e.g. pictures) to clipboard using bash so that I can paste them into other programs?

If I view an image in Firefox and right click and copy the image, then I can directly paste it into other program like for example telegram using Ctrl+V to send the image. I would like to have that functionality that I could do that from bash too.

I tried using

cat image.png | xclip -selection c

when I then press Ctrl+V in telegram, it pastes


as text instead of pasting the image.

Using xclip-copyfile does not work either, it does not change the content of the clipboard that is used when pressing Ctrl+V in telegram at all.

  • Does copying the file's full path & name work "good enough"? – Xen2050 Jan 10 at 6:20
xclip -selection clipboard -t "$(file -b --mime-type "$img")" < "$img"
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    Although this may help to solve the problem, it doesn't explain why and/or how it addresses the issue. Providing this additional context would significantly improve its long-term educational value. Please edit your answer to add explanation, including the parameters and what limitations and assumptions apply. Thanks. – fixer1234 Jan 11 at 5:53

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