I know I can use cmd to find list of IP address in the subnet but my supervisor asked me to find it without using cmd. Is there any other way other than using cmd?

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    Please provide more details: Why not use Command Prompt? Where and in what form do you need what information, exactly? – Daniel B Jan 10 at 9:20
  • Define "usable." Do you mean not currently assigned or valid for use? – Twisty Impersonator Jan 10 at 11:19

There are few steps to find out:

  1. On Windows 10: start\settings\Network & Internet than select Ethernet on left pannel and your connection to find it, there should appear it.

  2. on Windows 7: open \Open Network and Sharing Center \Local Area Connection\Details and you can see it too.

Hope you it helps you. I am using that.

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