I have a moving device on a network of several hundreds meters, with multiple WiFi routers covering the area, connected to the same controller. The security and authentication protocol is WPA2-EAP with a remote RADIUS server. I want my device to roam seamlessly, or at least as fast as possible, between access points. A roaming delay limit would be around 500ms.

I use wpa_supplicant on the device to handle the connections.

The point is that the WiFi card embedded in the device, Atheros AR9382 DNXA 116, does not support 802.11r. It only supports 802.11a/b/g/n. But the network do support this standard and is set up to use 802.11r.

Will I experience too high roaming delays due to EAP and the remote RADIUS server or will 802.11r do the job and I will have a quite seamless roaming? Why?

If it won't be seamless, is there a way to bypass the fact that my WiFi card does not support 802.11r?

Thank you all for your answers and explanations. Any information will be welcome!

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