As subject, I've X forwarding working from a Windows client if I use the Cygwin terminal and do:

DISPLAY=:0 ssh -Y me@remote-host

If I were to use PuTTY from the same Windows host (checked Enable X forwarding, set X display location to :0) and run, say, xclock from the terminal, I get connection refused. I wondered what I'm missing.

The only reason I'm looking to get PuTTY is that the Cygwin console has a rather noticeable refresh lag.

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    Are you running the Xserver ? Have you open the Xserver for TCP connection ? Cygwin Terminal and Putty are not X application just console one. – matzeri Jan 10 '19 at 14:02

I had to have the server listen to TCP. Once the server is launched, determine server location by hovering over X server icon in the system tray, and configure PuTTY to use X forwarding, with the server port and XAuthority file, which can be found out from Cygwin terminal: echo $(cygpath -w $HOME)/.Xauthority.

In short, append this to X server's command line (in the launch shortcut icon):

-- -multiwindow -listen tcp

Sadly, this has to be done every time you update Cygwin's X, as the shortcut will be overwritten during the update.

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