When editing a page in confluence CTRL-f brings you to a find-and-replace dialogue instead of the find field of your browser. When filling in a file path in the find box of this dialogue, you don't find that file path.

I assume this is because backslash is an escape character, so I tried doubling the back slashes, but that does not work. Replacing them by typical wild chard characters, like *, . or ? does not work either.

Does anyone have a sollution?


According to doc:

Note: Confluence doesn't support leading wildcards. This means searching for *heese will not return cheese.

So, if you search for \\company\path, *company?path will not return anything.

I'd use: company?path, without the leading wildcard.

  • As I wrote, the ? wild card does not work. Should I flag somewhere I want to use wildcards first? – Dirk Horsten Jan 10 at 12:32
  • @DirkHorsten: Have you tried to search with regex, like: /\\\\company\\path/ or /.*company\\path.*/ – Toto Jan 10 at 12:36
  • I just tried, but it does not work. – Dirk Horsten Jan 10 at 13:06

You can open the find facility without pressing ctrl-f:

  • In Google, in the right upper corner, under the windows close-cross, you find 3 dots that open a menu. This menu includes the find facility of google.
  • In Internet Explorer, at the same place, you can open the settings menu. The submenu File contains a find on this page option;

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