The quality department has asked me to create a backup data collection solution for this measurement probe https://www.lmicorporation.com/595.

I just wanted to know if there was any particular (hopefully free) software that will allow me to capture the readings being sent via rs232?


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  • This is off topic, because you're asking for a product / application recommendation... Most applications that deal with a serial port will allow you to capture data directly to a file - e.g: PuTTY / TeraTerm / etc... – Attie Jan 10 at 13:44
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    You've tagged for Excel, which implies you want the data to end up there (though you didn't mention this in your question) - if it's a reasonable format already, you could just name the file *.csv... If it needs formatting, then it's easy enough to put together a Python script to produce CSV / XLSX files. – Attie Jan 10 at 13:45