This question here mentions how one can retrieve the Protected EAP credentials from the registry for a wlan profile.

Is it possible for me to save the PEAP credentials to this reg key in a similar way? We're looking to automate users connecting to a wlan network for which we already have a profile but we get a popup for the PEAP credentials currently.

It's suggested that it's possible here but no detailed explanation.

FYI- Windows 10, if that makes a difference.

  • I think the prescribed way to make a Windows machine autojoin a WPA2-Enterprise network is to enable EAP-TLS on the authentication server and issue the Windows machine an EAP-TLS identity (.p12/.pfx, containing both a cert linking the machine's name to its private key, and the private key that goes with it). Then you store all that stuff in the cert store, not the registry. – Spiff Jan 10 at 19:28
  • @Spiff yes understood but this is for a specific time-sensitive scenario which unfortunately can't rely on a certificate being issued and delivered in a timely fashion. And is also based on existing WiFi infrastructure which can't be changed! – GoldieLocks Jan 14 at 14:19

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