Hi Excel experts & VBA wizards,

Is there an easy way to call images from folder in Excel using a formula or VBA?

Also, I would like images in R2 to be tied to the campaign names in R1. If the campaign name matches the image, then I would like the image to appear. If not, the image is blank. There are about 300 images in a folder.

Can this be done in Excel? In a streamlined way?


  • Can you please edit your question to give us sample data, expected outcome, what you've tried so far and how it fails to meet expectations? – cybernetic.nomad Jan 10 at 16:00
  • Perhaps a vlookup with pictures is what you want? – BruceWayne Jan 10 at 18:40
  • Could you provide a sample or screenshot about your problem? – Lee Jan 11 at 1:22

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