Me and a collegue are both working on some common files in these days, but usually not at the very same time (we are in the same room). I keep all files opened in Notepad++ the whole time. I was annoyed by the frequent popup telling me about file changes saved by him:

This file has been modified by another program. Do you want to reload it?

So I found out (here on superuser) that I could get rid of these alerts through the "update silently" option, so I enabled this option.

The problem that I have now is: when I search for a string through all files, Notepad++ does not search for it in actual files content but searches in old files content, if I haven't opened them since.

Please note that I use a very old version of Notepad++ (5.6.2), but I cannot easily update because of a few customization I have made, and a number of other reasons.

Is there a solution to this problem? Is it fixed in current Notepad++ version?

Update 2019-01-23:
I still have this issue. Moreover, I realized the problem occurs even if the "update silently" option is off, so it is not related to this option. I must not be the first one to notice this problem.

  • You need to determine if this is a bug caused by your customization or with the particular build your using. If the behavior happens no matter what it might simply be intended behavior. Have you been able to determine if it happens in a newer build? – Ramhound Jan 23 at 11:15

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